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Most of the households will come once it is the moment when a member of the household just so as You, feverishly looking for a lot of plugging response times between specialist, because the drain is clogged or does not flow down the toilet. You can be the expert who solves and then plugging response times your problem? Who really will guarantee the work! You may want to select the kit in this wilderness of the master?

In this I want to help you!

Trust us with this kind of dirty work because decades of years of professional experience is behind us.

There is no plugging, which you have not seen the like of. Always find a solution to solve the problem. Although all other work and other works, information about products from would you, but for the most part similar to the one to the next, You must otherwise be carried out up to the gépkezeléseket.

The day (s) 24 hours – also on weekends and holidays – We guarantee the:


  • blockages to troubleshoot (kitchen drain, TOILET, bathroom sink, shower, bathroom waste water systems)
  • womás sewer
  • camera tube inspection
  • search for pipelines, Trail search – no need to demolish walls and underground
  • water pumping (rain water, network drinking water pumping, wine cellars, alagsorok, mechanisms and vízaknák or liftaknák)

Where we work?

Budapest, Pest County, Fejér County the whole area, upon request, the anywhere in the country!

How much is it?

Quick service weekend at no extra charge, already from 5500 ft. Detailed price list you will find the prices section.

There are three kinds of ways to resolve the blockage do:

  • Relief machine..
  • Woma high pressure drain cleaning equipment of sewer (WOMA).
  • Replacement of the tube by splitting, by restoring the original status troubleshooting.

We love the challenges, We are proud of the solved assignments, especially for those of us that have been to no avail, tried to develop a more! We dare say it boldly, If You failed to work do not have to pay!

The guarantee guarantee, which mean we cleaned sections. Camera tube and can easily help us csatornavizsgáló our set-up the disputed questions beigazolására.

Always the most modern machines and equipment have sewerage plugging response times, keep changed to deprecated constructs to ensure you that, that we do not have any damage to sewage network, any damage caused by our own expense software!

Trail Finder and determining the fault with our equipment easily and accurately determined the route of pipelines, and possible error location.

24-hour toll-free phone number: