Our prices are

Prices for the duguláselhárítás machine.:

Air conditioner with condensate drip 5.500 HUF – 8.280 HUF
Bath tub, Bathroom sink, pisouar, shower tray 7.500 HUF – 11.200 HUF
Floor spreading 7.500 HUF – 11.200 HUF
Sink 9.000 HUF – 16.000 HUF
Toilet 12.000 HUF – 18.000 HUF
Main ridge line 14.000 HUF – 25.000 HUF

In the case of high pressure womával sewer rates:

Kränzle high pressure sewer woma: 20m 20 – 25.000HUF
20my work over the: We give discounts in case of an, for information about which phone!
Travel fee: 0 HUF
Quod, remove the debris tisztítóaknákból: On the basis of an invoice meeting

Camera tube and csatornavizsgálat:

Camera csatornavizsgálat: 20.000 HUF 15 m. (15 discount prices on phone contact meters)

Trail search:

Trail search: Dial-up arrangement

Prices for the required down-, fees include equipment.

100% price guarantee! (Not to say that the other prices on the spot!)

Non-pest working the extra cost is calculated on the basis of matching up with dial-up!

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