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I started my career in 1988 that a public company, where the old masters, whoa all deception, experience, knowledge in the field of duguláselhárítás and sewer. These experiences I have now read more, as quickly as possible, State of the art equipment and legpraktikusabban to be able to help everyone in the duguláselhárítás at work. I have learned to manage the maintenance of drain cleaning machines, and that is worth nothing without the proper tool knowledge.


Fate would have it, in 2000, to beálltam a firefighter, believe in is the primary concern of the assistance. In addition to this full time job tevékenykedek more, as plugging response times and drain cleaning craft.

The duguláselhárítást I built a machine started, which is, Although today only the műhelyem one of the treasured piece. Although the appearance has left some to wish for in its wake, but any blockage and csatornatisztítást I could solve it. Never let me down but by the time it went over it.

It is now the State of the art equipment We are working on. The duguláselhárítás is easier with them and the quality is perfect.


Rothenberger R600 R-60 and pipe and drain cleaning machine

Rothenberger R-600

Industrial performance outdoor and indoor duguláselhárítás is suitable for carrying out device. Thanks to its powerful motor does the most stubborn dugulásokkal also. The gutter cast the spreading of a, szennyvízvezetékébe belekövesedett sink fats, szennyvízhálózatokba belenőtt fagyökérzet removal is not a barrier.

Drain cleaning machine WOMA

Custom-designed 220 bar víznyomású 30 liter/min level white-water Honda petrol engine, powered drain cleaning machine. 50mm – 300mm pipes is well suited for.

See the duguláselhárítás section.

G-csatornavizsgáló color camera custom training drexl

G-drexl szines csatornavizsgáló kamera

Pipelines can be tested 20mm-300 mm up to. You can create a video recording of her colorful mpg4.

Tube inspection with the camera more. ..

C. Scope Cable Avoidance Tool XD

C.Scope Cable Avoidance Tool XD

Tube, channel, electric cable and metal detector detector. English-made device. Essential underground works, where the buried pipelines, pipes, the task of identifying cables.

Read more about the trail under the definition.

Honda 1100 Lite / min level white-water gasoline-powered pump

Honda benzinmotoros szivattyú

10 feet in depth 30 m high can even remove the basement received precipitation of water

More about the water pumping section ...

If you are a more than 20 with years of experience, leinformálható, reliable, currently the latest plugging response times and drain cleaning equipment you are looking for a professional with plugging response times, in more detail, please refer to my website and take a look at gépparkomat.

Provide evidence of practical experience references, and if that failed to work even with the drop-off fee stayed up!

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