In 1988, I started my career with professional experience That is a public company, where the old masters, whoa all deception, experience, knowledge in the field of duguláselhárítás and sewer. These experiences I have now read more, as quickly as possible, State of the art equipment and legpraktikusabban to be able to help everyone in the duguláselhárítás at work. I have learned to manage the maintenance of drain cleaning machines, and that adequate tool[Read more]

2016. July 10.

Our customers said

Kagure III. District of Night and dawn 23.20-age 02.10 they left at. Not only did their stuff kapkodtak. Finally it flows down all the társasházunkban, as he has so far never! I recommend you to everyone! Bobbie B Mannix, We are Fully satisfied with the work in Dunakeszi, We can only recommend. Thank you for the good work! On the first of November is also fairly Adam raghavendra b, agreed time[Read more]

2016. July 09.


The following contacts, the day (s) 24 hours, I look forward to your application! Hungarian Endre entrepreneur Phone: (+36)20/318-16-14 Line: 06/1-951-5552 Email: info@dugulasharitas.hu Site: 1225 Budapest, Finch Street 10. Attention! My phone is always on, hívásáról notice I get if I am not available even! I'll call back as soon as I get the notification by immediately! Contact us:

2016. July 09.


Campona Shopping Center, 1223 Budapest Castle Road 43. Reiwag Caiser & Schmidt, 1061 Budapest Ede u Paulai 12. Rubin Hotel, 1118 Margit Dayka Gábor utca Budapest 3. ProLogis appoints Harbor park,1225 Budapest, Kampona utca 1. Szecseny thermal bath, 1146 Budapest Zoo trip 11. Őrmezei United lakásfenntartó cooperative, 1112 Requesting Street Budapest 8. BUSZESZ PLC, 1033 Budapest Gates Street 1.[Read more]

2016. July 09.

Our prices are

Prices for the duguláselhárítás machine.: Air conditioner with condensate drip 5.500 HUF – 8.280 Ft Tub, Bathroom sink, pisouar, shower tray 7.500 HUF – 11.200 FT Floor spreading 7.500 HUF – 11.200 Ft Kitchen Sink 9.000 HUF – 16.000 Ft. Wc 12.000 HUF – 18.000 FT main ridge line 14.000 HUF – 25.000 Sewer Rates to $ womával in the case of high pressure:[Read more]

2016. July 09.