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The drains, water pipes, Toilets blockages is never the right time comes. The sunburn or gas explosion after perhaps the most horrific disaster threatening the homes szennyvízelöntés. When the sewerage system in dugul – in this respect, not only for toilet, but the bathroom sink, sink, central system also means spreading – stink, felpergő flooring, from wallpaper, kiszáríthatatlan carpet[Read more]

2016. July 11.

Camera csatornavizsgálat, csatornakamerázás

Now the channels, pipelines can also be examined from the inside. Thus you will get an accurate picture of the State of the network's technical, which greatly helps us to determine, How long is the lifetime of the channel will be. The camera tube and csatornavizsgálat allows us, with an accuracy of up to 10 cm and to quickly identify damage to the tube, location of breakage before excess[Read more]

2016. July 11.


What is the sewer? The sewer to a high pressure machine duguláselhárítás. The csatornatisztítást usually csatornahálózatokon we use outside buildings, but through an outside cleaning up the building can also work towards. The sewer through an appropriate tisztítónyíláson can also be used in the building, but only experienced a drain cleaning professional. The lack of professional experience the perils of wear[Read more]

2016. July 11.

Disinfection and szagmentesítés

Our profession is a very large downside, After you complete the work, dirt, foul smell after we leave ourselves. Although much of the dirt összetakarítjuk, but the risk of infection and the odor will stay there. Everyone and You also would like to, that we use the workspace as soon as you can, whether it's a bathroom, kitchen or TOILET. Our experts[Read more]

2016. July 11.


Channel gyökértelenítés, gyökérvágás, root cutters. Over time, the sewage and storm water channels are often elöregszenek the roots of trees and bushes belenőnek and szennyvízvezetékben this great cause. The szennyvízvezetékbe of the fine roots belenőnek, in the capillary chinks, There's a good growing medium because of the anthropologist. This causes blockage and keep annoyance. The plastic tubes up to a bad join or a rounded rubber along the[Read more]

2016. July 11.

Determination of trace

Under the ground or the wall running cables, in particular great care you will find wires, If someone does not have its own ", purchased and used in the House. In fact, After decades forgotten, where is running exactly in the pipes, wires. In the case of failure, it is particularly important to know, where to find the relevant section. When it comes to mind on the trail of definition? a damaged cord is the[Read more]

2016. July 11.

Water pumping

When torrential rain sometimes, the rainwater will flow to the various parts of the House or apartment, so the garage, the basement, the elevator shaft, the wine cellar, the app also comes under the water, but the messy juice will flow everywhere, where you do not want to, that there should be. Nowadays more and more rain so this unwanted phenomenon is more and more[Read more]

2016. July 10.