Camera csatornavizsgálat, csatornakamerázás

Now the channels, pipelines can also be examined from the inside. Thus you will get an accurate picture of the State of the network's technical, which greatly helps us to determine, How long is the lifetime of the channel will be. The camera tube and csatornavizsgálat allows us, with an accuracy of up to 10 cm and to quickly identify damage to the tube, location of breakage before excess[Read more]

2016. July 11.

Our prices are

Prices for the duguláselhárítás machine.: Air conditioner with condensate drip 5.500 HUF – 8.280 Ft Tub, Bathroom sink, pisouar, shower tray 7.500 HUF – 11.200 FT Floor spreading 7.500 HUF – 11.200 Ft Kitchen Sink 9.000 HUF – 16.000 Ft. Wc 12.000 HUF – 18.000 FT main ridge line 14.000 HUF – 25.000 Sewer Rates to $ womával in the case of high pressure:[Read more]

2016. July 09.