Szagmentesítés disinfection

  In the spring a large lefolyótisztítással can be prevented with the sanitary smells well. Amazing face they can cut the women of the House, When the revelation of the beszippantják trench szennyvízszagot. This of course is only rarely an example, but where is drain, There plugging and at any time, you may "pöceszag". What can cause the szennyvízbűzt? The question is legitimate, However, before the reasons kitérnénk,[Read more]

2018. February 22.

Location, unbearable smelly is the fűrdőszobában or the entire apartment!

Location, unbearable stink the bathroom or anywhere in the apartment? There are many places to complain about, moved to a new apartment that, although still unbearable stench, location is in the bathroom, but worse cases have the whole apartment. There are times when you can feel the a in csatornaszagot where there is no sewer in the vicinity. The intimate atmosphere of a home unbearable Empire[Read more]

2016. July 11.

Warning signs: When can I expect it, to the nozzles become clogged drain?

Common sense usually has been able to be, to the disaster. However, many people still have trust in luck. But there are signs of blockage, What is worth paying attention to! When can I expect it, to the nozzles become clogged drain? First, the smell. A penetrating odor, the location, This telltale sign, that's sewer system, started a process, is due soon[Read more]

2016. July 11.